High volume

High-volume production cuts production costs through economies of scale. Specific automated moulding processes, such as progressive moulding or transfer moulding, are used.
The Slovenian Mirna Pec plant was established in 2013 as a result of an agreement with the Renault group to supply body components for the French group’s production at the Novo Mesto plant.
In addition to the Slovenian plant, which is specifically for high-volume production, the Cecomp group has a second line of automated presses in the Piobesi plant that allows high-volume production of small/medium-sized parts.

Low volumes

Low-volume production is usually targeted at high-end segments, so-called premium segments, and uses more versatile techniques, with extensive use of aluminium. The initial phase can be done at low volume to keep costs down and maintain flexibility, and once the product has proven to have a robust process, production capacity can be increased on a larger scale.