Unique in the world, the first
with an all-titanium body.


Unique in the world, the first
with an all-titanium body.


We give shape to ideas that lead the world

For over 40 years CECOMP has been giving shape to ideas developed by designers,
style centres, and research & development bodies for car manufacturers all over the world.

Today, it supports all stages of the product life cycle:
style definition, prototype realisation, pre-industrialisation and industrialisation, supply of parts, systems and complete vehicles for low volumes.


The experience gained over the years enables Cecomp to support customers with a wide-ranging design: from concept/one-off to production, putting customers' ideas into practice with the use of processes suited to the type of project. Cecomp has its...

Models and show cars

CECOMP has more than 40 years of experience in the production of all kinds of style models and show cars and has successful projects with major OEMs worldwide in its portfolio. CECOMP has several studios with restricted access in order to ensure c...


Since the 1970s, CECOMP has been active in the market for the realisation of One-Offs; be it for a mainly construction activity for the most important car manufacturers (such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin and BMW) or for the complete development and re...

Mould construction

Starting from a CAD file of an element and based on volumes and tolerances, Cecomp's technical department, thanks to its years of experience in this sector, is able to design and build moulds for the various stages of the development process, from pr...


CECOMP designs assembly and control equipment (i.e. master cubing and gauges) and manufactures prototype and production tooling in its own tooling department using the various supporting processes (engineering, CNC milling centres, metrology, etc.) t...


Prototyping, from cars in different segments to spider/coupé versions, from sports versions to light commercial vehicles, has been one of Cecomp's core businesses since its foundation in the 1970s. The transversal experience acquired represents a f...

CECOMP is an Italian industrial group owned by the Forneris family, founded in 1978,
today consisting of 4 production sites in Italy and one in Slovenia.

Plant specialised
in high volume production
of metal parts

Upholstery and
addictive manufacturing






Years of Experience

65 Mln/Euro



Electric Cars